What is Nutri-Score?

Nutri-Score is a voluntary labeling system for food or, in our case, ice cream packaging. The properties of the ingredients are summarized and classified on a five-point scale from A (green - healthier choice) to E (red - less healthy choice), so that you can see the nutritional profile of the product at a glance and make more conscious decisions.

In addition to the energy content of less healthy nutrients such as sugar, saturated fatty acids and sodium and the healthy ingredients such as fiber and protein, the proportion of fruit, vegetables and nuts is also taken into account in the assessment. The Nutri-Score of the product is determined per 100g or 100ml, so that you can compare products directly. You can see at a glance whether the product fits into a balanced, healthy diet.

Nutri-Score is scientifically sound, industry-independent, easy to understand and effectively contributes to healthier food and drink choices and more conscious consumption.

Benefits of Nutri-Score:

  • You can see the nutritional quality at a glance
  • Serves you as a guide
  • Proven to help you choose healthier products
  • Scientifically sound, independent of the industry


What makes iceDate so special?

IceDate achieved the rating A of the Nutri-Score for all types of ice cream - ice cream enjoyment with a clear conscience! Our ice cream is purely vegetable and organic. We don't get any additives in our ice cream cones, because we only use ingredients that really deserve to be called “food”.

For us, everything revolves around using only the purest and finest ingredients for our ice cream: vegan, organic and with a minimalist approach to the recipe. This means that only the following ingredients are used in the vegan ice cream from iceDate: dates for the sweet taste, cashews so that it is creamy and of course the fruits, nuts, seeds and spices that give the respective ice cream its name.

In addition, we do not use any additives. We do not process any binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, sweeteners, flavors, sugar, colorings, mono- and diglycerides, gelatine or other additives. IceDate is a real, whole food, because all the ingredients are real, whole food.

Our selection of ingredients should not only make our ice cream tasty for you, but also generally give you food for thought: Have you ever wondered why you would probably not eat a cup of emulsifier or other additives on their own if it was mixed into some product? ?