Where can I buy iceDate
germany: Our 400ml cups are available at almost all Denn's organic shops, all Basic organic supermarkets, all EBL Naturkost and many other organic shops. 
In addition, every organic food shop can order our cups. So it's worth asking at the organic food shop you trust. Many organic food shops are willing to comply with the wishes of their customers.
 Our cups are also available in our online shop.

Our 400ml cups are available at all Denn's organic stores, at all Basic organic supermarkets, and in many other organic stores. 
In addition, every organic food store can order our cups. So it's worth asking at the organic food store you trust. Many organic food stores are responsive to the wishes of their customers.

In France, our cups are available in many health food stores. In addition, every health food store can order our cups. So it is worth to ask at the organic store of your confidence. Many organic food stores will comply with the wishes of their customers.
 Every wholesaler can order iceDate from the wholesaler vitafrais.

In Switzerland it iceDate unfortunately not yet available. Maybe an organic wholesaler will list us very soon. If you ask for iceDate in the organic store of your trust, this request will end up with the wholesaler, and this is helpful that he decides to list us. If you like to support iceDate in Switzerland, then ask for us in the organic shops.


In welche Länder liefert ihr mit Eurem Online-Shop?
Wir liefern derzeit nur innerhalb Deutschlands. Wir arbeiten daran, Lieferungen in andere Länder ebenfalls zu ermöglichen.


Is IceDate lactose free?
Yes, iceDate is lactose-free because it is purely vegetable.


Is IceDate gluten free?
Yes, all of our ice creams are gluten-free because we generally do not use any stabilizers, binders, thickeners or other additives.

You can also order your ice cream in a compostable pine boat, as our waffles (we don't make these ourselves) are not gluten-free. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee complete freedom from traces of gluten, as we also work with gluten-containing waffles behind the counter.


Is IceDate fructose free?
Since all of our ice creams are made with fruits (we use dates for sweetening) we don't have completely fructose-free flavors.

However, all of our flavors are deliberately much less sweet than conventional ice cream and only contain the fructose naturally occurring in the fruit.

If you are fructose intolerant, some strains may still be considered if this is not too strong. We know of several customers with fructose intolerance who slowly approached our ice cream and tolerate some types, e.g. our banana ice cream.

We make this with very ripe, sweet bananas. That is why most of the sweetness comes from the banana; we only add a relatively small amount of 12% dates to this ice cream to sweeten it. If you have severe fructose intolerance, we naturally advise you not to try our ice cream. In mild cases, however, it may be worth trying.

We look forward to your feedback, whether positive or negative! Please tell us which varieties you have tried and which ones you tolerated well or less well: info@icedate.de


What is the cashew nut?
The cashew “nut” is called a nut in the culinary sense, but in the botanical sense it is not a nut, but the core of the fruit of the cashew tree.

The cashew tree produces false fruits (thickened fruit stalks) that look like a mixture of pear and paprika. These false fruits are edible, but do not have a long shelf life, so you can hardly buy them from us anywhere. The actual fruit, which in turn contains a seed inside, hangs from the false fruits. This seed is known colloquially as a cashew nut. For the sake of simplicity, we keep the name cashew nut.

→ You can find more details on our Post page for the cashew nut


Why is IceDate much harder than "normal" ice when I freeze it?
The freezing point of ice cream is essentially determined by the sugar content. The more sugar in the ice cream, the lower the freezing point, and the softer the ice cream is, even at -18 degrees. To a lesser extent, the fat content also has an influence.

In contrast to normal ice cream, we deliberately do NOT add SUGAR or FAT to our ice cream. iceDate therefore only contains the fruit's own sugar that is present in the fruits used, and this proportion is of course MUCH less than in normal ice cream.

iceDate is deliberately NOT intended to be a convenience food - we are not concerned with the fact that the ice cream is particularly “practical”, but that every single ingredient is a food in the true sense of the word (as opposed to indulgence and additives). We do not count industrial sugar as part of the food category.

In our iceDate ice cream parlor in Munich Schwabing, at Amalienstraße 91, we serve iceDate at around -10 degrees. But you don't need a thermometer - just let the ice cream stand for about 15 minutes (depending on the outside temperature and amount) at room temperature, then it will be nice and creamy again.

The right consistency is when the ice cream gives slightly to more pressure. If you have a mug and it can be clearly depressed with a little force, then the consistency is just right. The ice cream - organic -vegan - without added sugar - this is how ice cream should be.


Why does IceDate have a slightly different consistency compared to "normal" ice cream?
iceDate consists of completely different ingredients than "normal" ice cream. We do not use “powder”, only real food. The main difference in mouthfeel comes from the date. "Normal" ice cream consists largely of industrial sugar. This dissolves completely in the ice mass. When eating, this is no longer noticeable on the tongue, it feels as if the ice cream on the tongue simply "disappears". We don't add sugar to our ice cream, we only sweeten it with dates, which we puree particularly finely. This makes the dates super creamy, but still doesn't dissolve like sugar. In other words: iceDate has more substance. This substance can be felt on the tongue; it feels a little different than sugar-based ice cream.

Which fats are used to make IceDate?
iceDate is free from any added fats. The vegetable fat in our ice cream comes from natural ingredients, mainly the nuts; in the case of chocolate ice cream, also from cocoa powder. The fat content of the individual varieties is given in the variety overview.


Are your waffles vegan too?
Yes, our waffles are of course also vegan, lactose-free and organic.


I don't like wooden spoons, do you have other spoons?
We also have ice cream spoons made of compostable bio-plastic based on corn starch (PLA = PolyLactic Acid). Please just talk to us.


Can I also take the ice cream with me? If so, how long does it last during transport?
We can pack your ice cream for you in transport packaging. It lasts up to approx. 15 minutes without any problems. If you have another way, we have freezer batteries (not to be confused with cooling batteries!) For you, which you can buy or rent for 4 € each. You can either keep it and continue to use it yourself or bring it back and you will get the 4 € back. With just one battery you can transport the ice for about 2 hours. You can combine several freezer batteries for even longer distances. With 3 batteries you can get a full 5 hours, for example! Attention: Our freezer batteries are so powerful that the ice can even become too hard during transport! In this case, just let the ice cream sit for a few minutes at room temperature and it will have the perfect consistency again.


Do you deliver too?
Short-term orders within Munich are currently not possible, but planned. In our ice cream parlor at Amalienstraße 91, we are happy to fill your ice cream in transport cups for collection. Do you need a large amount of ice, e.g. for an event? Then please contact us in advance at info@icedate.de or call us 089-41 220 555 at.


Do you have a question that is not answered here?
We are happy to answer your questions! Just write to us info@icedate.de  or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.