Not your mom, not your milk - thoughts on World Milk Day

Nicht Deine Mama - nicht Deine Milch
Today's “World Milk Day” is a good opportunity to give a voice to the world's tortured cows and calves.

“Production” of cow's milk

The “production” of cow's milk is associated with immense suffering for the animals. The newborn calf is separated from its mother after birth, because we want to have the milk that the calf is actually entitled to. Both then call one after the other every minute for days. The calf ends up as a veal on a plate just a few months after its birth.
D.he dairy cows are so highly bred and “optimized” for high milk yield - their udder is up to five times enlarged - that they have great pain and inflammation. To counteract this, the animals are given large amounts of antibiotics. Incidentally, more antibiotics are used in livestock farming than in all German hospitals combined.
Unfortunately, even keeping dairy cows organic does not solve any of the fundamental problems. Perhaps a little less antibiotics are used, but otherwise the animals unfortunately suffer exactly the same as in conventional husbandry.
If you want to know more about milk: enter “milk” on youtube.

Adult milk?

In addition, the fundamental question arises: If we still drink milk in adulthood, which is only suitable for newborns due to its nutritional composition and the growth hormones it contains, why don't we drink the milk of our own species?
Why do we perceive it as “normal” as adults to drink the breast milk of a foreign species, and as “abnormal” to drink the breast milk of our own species?
Somehow it's not logical, right?